The Ultimate Marketing Measurement Payoff

How one brand used data-driven insights to boost vendor performance, drive sales lift and get targeting right

Today’s savvy pharma marketers understand the importance of leveraging data for targeting and selecting the ideal channel mix. However, few tap into date-driven measurement’s full potential for evaluating vendor performance, informing ROI forecasting and, most importantly, driving measurable revenue. Are you one of them?

MCM measurement is your secret weapon for smarter planning and campaign performance. In this webinar, we show you how—through the lens of a leading pharma brand that has achieved major measurement-driven results.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How one pharma brand leveraged data-driven insights to engage in smarter targeting and proportionate spend—and how your brand can do the same
  • Common misconceptions about targeting and MCM, and how measurement strategy can help you uncover untapped potential in your current campaign
  • The power of measurement insight to identify and resolve key issues such as vendor overlap
  • How to use targeting best practices to optimize your current campaign’s spending and forecast future ROI

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Duration: 45 min.



12 PM ET

About Our Speaker

Andrea Westmeyer, CEO, Measurement Mojo

Andrea Westmeyer is the Founder and CEO of Measurement Mojo, an independent accountability firm for savvy pharma marketers. The seasoned pharma marketing expert has spent more than two decades at the helm of trailblazing organizations and has a track record of delivering cutting-edge marketing insights. Under Andrea’s tireless, hands-on leadership, Measurement Mojo has more than doubled in growth since its inception in 2012.

Market With Confidence. Measure With Mojo.


"Measurement Mojo worked closely with me to develop a scalable, data-driven solution that helps me measure my plans and invest more efficiently."

- Tanya Bhavnani, Senior Product Manager, Pharmacyclics


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