Complimentary MCM audit!

Get a COMPLIMENTARY audit of your MCM campaign! 

Discover ways to optimize your targeting, measurement and timing of tactics today  

By now, your 2017 MCM campaign is well underway. But if you’re anything like most pharma brands, planning can leave you with more questions than answers. Mojo’s mini MCM audit is the secret to truly optimizing your targeting, tactic timing and measurement framework. Get ready for more confidence and more ROI.  

And here’s the best part: This mini-audit is completely free, and all that’s required of you is a brief overview of your market situation.  

4 reasons to sign up for your complimentary MCM audit today: 
  1. Confirm target match with proposed vendors/tactics and implement other recommendations to improve targeting 
  2. ​Discover best practices that will help you employ tactics with the optimal timing and cadence
  3. Develop brand-specific key business questions that should be answered through measurement 
  4. Learn about powerful options for measuring the sales and marketing impact of your campaign at all stages 

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"Measurement Mojo worked closely with me to develop a scalable, data-driven solution that helps me measure my plans and invest more efficiently."

- Tanya Bhavnani, Senior Product Manager, Pharmacyclics


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