Case Study: Innovative Marketing Engagement Measurement

Can you forecast a tactic ROI to be 2.07:1 before a single tactic has launched? 

Internal sales reps campaign cost per target is 3X higher than originally recommended for spend. This projects to an ROI of between 1.31:1 and 2.07:1. Mojo recommends taking a closer look at cost drivers, and consider narrowing the focus of where these ISRs are deployed.

77% of your brand sales are generated by less than 10% of your core and white-space targets. The ROI of investing in targets outside of this group does not allow for a breakeven of 1:1. 

Do you wish your brand had insights like this one, which we delivered for one of our pharma clients? Then it’s time to measure with Mojo.

Read this quick case study to discover how Mojo sets clear, consistent KPIs for vendors, and generates ROI forecasts that help you have more confidence than ever in your MCM decisions. 

3 reasons to download our case study today:
  1. Learn how Mojo helps trailblazing pharma brands measure vendors and tactics based on consistent KPIs
  2. ​Discover the power of ROI forecasting to position your campaign for increased net revenue
  3. Take the first step toward a data-driven 360 marketing strategy that puts your brand at the head of the pack

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Market With Confidence. Measure With Mojo.


"Measurement Mojo worked closely with me to develop a scalable, data-driven solution that helps me measure my plans and invest more efficiently."

- Tanya Bhavnani, Senior Product Manager, Pharmacyclics


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